India sees dip in COVID numbers; Iran nuclear talks; USA-EU metal tiff

In today’s episode, we discuss India’s COVID situation as the country records a slight dip in daily coronavirus numbers, revisit the Iran Nuclear Deal amidst the ongoing violence in Israel, and examine talks between the USA and the EU over the lifting of several trade tariffs.
Today on The Leaders' Brief -
  • The number of active coronavirus cases in India fell by 165,000 at the start of last week, the biggest ever drop recorded by the country. Last Monday also saw the total number of daily cases drop below the 300,000 marks after almost two months. The death toll due to COVID, however, continued breaking records. Added to the country’s COVID situation, India's western coast, which includes the state of Maharashtra, was ravaged by Tauktae, a severe cyclonic storm, which killed over 20 people in the last week.

  • The ongoing clash between Palestine-backed militants and Israeli forces has placed the USA in a tricky spot in reviving the Iran nuclear deal. Weeks after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani voiced optimism saying that negotiations with the US and allies over rejoining the Iran Nuclear deal had made almost 70% progress, Israel witnessed its worst-ever violence in decades with the everyday conflict between Iran-supported Hamas group and Israeli forces. 

  • The European Union and United States have started discussions to address metal tariffs imposed by US President Joe Biden’s predecessor, Donal Trump. Under former President Trump, the USA had in 2018 imposed a 25% tariff on European steel and 10% on aluminium on grounds of national security. Since then the issue has continued to strain the EU-US relationship. 

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