Japan COVID crisis; Germany's CDU picks chancellor candidate; Chad political crisis

In today’s episode, we discuss Japan’s COVID situation and ways in which the Yoshihide Suga cabinet is planning to boost the country’s post COVID economic recovery, look into the CDU’s change in popularity after it chose Armen Laschet as Angela Merkel’s successor in running for Chancellor, and talk about the situation in Chad and how it may impact other African countries.
Today on The Leaders' Brief -
  • Last week, Japan confirmed five cases of infection with a “double mutant” variant of the 2019 coronavirus. Revealing the development, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said that the country would take thorough measures to prevent the spread of infections by collecting, evaluating and analyzing information and strengthening border control and surveillance. Japan, which is scheduled to hold the Summer Olympics three months later, has declared emergency measures on several areas and is likely to see a slow down in economic activity at least for another three weeks. 

  • Several political polls have suggested that Germany’s ruling CDU has lost popularity to the Green party after Armen Laschet was chosen to succeed Angela Merkel as the CDU’s chancellor candidate in this year’s polls. The other contender for the position - Friedrich Merz, the former chairman of BlackRock Germany, is known to be a conservative leader and has criticised chancellor Merkel on several occasions. Several trends since the beginning of this year have suggested that the Greens are edging towards being able to claim a stake in the German government in its September polls. 

  • Chad has fallen into a political crisis that threatens the stability of the entire north-central African region. The landlocked country, bordering six countries, including Sudan, Nigeria and Niger, lost its President Idriss Deby in battle with rebels last week. His son, Mahamat Idriss Deby Itmo, was named interim President by a transitional council of military officers. The late president, who took power in a rebellion in 1990 was key in maintaining the country’s stability and an important ally for Western forces battling an insurgency in the region.  

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