USA immigration crisis; China-Taiwan ties; Warner-Tencent deal

In today's episode, we will examine increasing criticisms of USA's immigration policies under President Joe Biden, discuss the impact Taiwan’s #FreedomPineapple campaign can have on its relationship with Beijing, and look at an expanded multi-year strategic licensing agreement between Warner Music and Tencent.
Today on The Leaders' Brief -
  • The first month in Biden’s presidency made clear that the US president would make polar changes in the country’s immigration policies as had been adopted by his predecessor, Donald Trump. In the first week of February, Mr Biden signed several executive orders to reverse Trump-era immigration policies. Among those, a decision to increase annual refugee admissions to 125,000 in 2022 appears to be creating major roadblocks for the Biden administration and inviting harsh criticism from all political camps. According to several reports last week, the Biden administration has at least 15,000 unaccompanied minors in custody, of whom 5,000 were detained by US Customs and Border Patrol. 

  • After months of military threats through increased army activity in the Taiwan strait, the newest conflict between the two Chinas has come in the form of pineapples. At the start of this month, Beijing imposed a ban on pineapple imports coming from Taiwan saying that “harmful creatures” could enter the country with the fruit. The ban targeted over 40,000 metric tonnes of pineapple imports into the country and threatens to decrease prices of the fruit within the country causing losses for Taiwanese farmers. According to Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture, last year Taiwan exported a little over 10% of the produce, of which over 90% went to the People’s Republic of China. 

  • US-based Warner Music has decided to go ahead with a fresh licensing agreement with Tencent to stream its music in China. Warner Music, which has under its record labels a massive group of artists ranging from the legendary Bee Gees to rock bands like Alterbridge and pop stars such as Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran, aims to capitalise on China’s fast-growing music market through the deal. In its fourth quarter, Tencent’s revenue rose by 14.3% in comparison to the previous quarter, aided by a 40.4% jump in paid subscribers to 56 million. 

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