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India COVID-crisis; Somalia political clashes; UK-Australia trade deal

In today's episode, we revisit the COVID situation in India as the country’s government continues to see increasing criticism for its present handling of the situation, visit the political situation in Somalia as several residents flee Mogadishu fearing clashes, and look at the future of UK-Australia trade post-Brexit.

US COVID situation; Myanmar coup; Apple-Facebook tiff

In today's episode, we revisit the COVID situation in USA as the country’s economy gradually picks up steam, look at the situation in coup-hit Myanmar which recently saw intense fighting on its border with Thailand, and examine how Apple’s new privacy update could hurt Facebook’s revenues.

Japan COVID crisis; Germany's CDU picks chancellor candidate; Chad political crisis

In today’s episode, we discuss Japan’s COVID situation and ways in which the Yoshihide Suga cabinet is planning to boost the country’s post COVID economic recovery, look into the CDU’s change in popularity after it chose Armen Laschet as Angela Merkel’s successor in running for Chancellor, and talk about the situation in Chad and how it may impact other African countries.

Australia cancels two China BRI deals; US tax proposal for wealthy; Iran Nuclear Deal

In today’s episode, we discuss Australia’s decision to pull out of two deals signed with China, as part of its Belt and Road initiative, examine the impact of US President Joe Biden’s proposed capital gains tax as high as 43.4% for wealthy individuals, and revisit the Iran Nuclear Deal.

India COVID crisis; AstraZeneca's EU troubles; TSMC announces expansion

In today's episode, we will revisit India’s COVID situation as the country grapples to meet rising oxygen and drug demands, discuss the possibility of AstraZeneca facing legal action in Europe, and take look at how chipmaker TSMC is planning to meet the ongoing surge in demand by expanding its manufacturing capacities.

Myanmar coup; Syria elections; Britain's crypto plans

In today’s episode, we will revisit the situation in Myanmar in light of the latest sanctions the EU imposed on the country’s military, discuss Syria’s political future as the country votes to elect a new president next month, and finally examine the possibility of Britain introducing its own virtual currency.

NVIDIA-ARM deal; East African Crude Oil Pipeline; US Cannabis banking law

In today’s episode, we will discuss NVIDIA’s acquisition of ARM holdings as the United Kingdom plans to look into national security implications of the deal, examine Uganda and Tanzania’s controversial $3.5 Billion oil deal, and look into how a US legislation allowing banking services to cannabis firms could aid the industry in the country.

India's COVID surge; China growth; USA sanctions Russia

In today's episode, we revisit the COVID situation in India as the country continues to record cases in hundreds of thousands every day, discuss Chinese economic revival after a year of pandemic, and finally look at USA placing sanctions on Russia over alleged cyberattacks.

Ukraine crisis; Citi consumer banking withdrawal; SpaceX grabs new NASA contract

In today's episode, we revisit the Ukraine crisis as the situation in the Black Sea heats up, examine the Citi group’s decision to pull out of 13 countries in Asia, Europe, and West Asia, and explore the future of commercial space ventures.

Japan-US ties; India COVID crisis; Oxford concerns about mRNA vaccines

In today’s episode, we examine the possibility of stronger Japan-US ties to counter China’s growing influence in a post-pandemic world, look into India’s COVID situation as the country participates in a once in a decade festival, and discuss an Oxford University report stating that rare blood clots are more likely from COVID than vaccination.

COVID vaccine concerns; US-Afghanistan peace deal; Polestar funding

In today's episode, we examine risks associated with the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines as countries remain divided over their use due to concerns of rare blood clots, analyse USA’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, and look at carmaker Geely’s electric unit Polestar which recently raised $550 million in external funding.

Japan Fukushima water release; Russia-Ukraine conflict; Microsoft-Nuance deal

Today, we will examine Japan’s decision to release over 1 million tonnes of contaminated water into the sea as the world provides a mixed reaction, discuss the possible outcomes of Russian forces gathering at the Crimean peninsula, and look at Microsoft’s $16 billion investment to buy speech recognition company Nuance.

EU tariff on Chinese aluminum; India COVID vaccination; Russia-Pakistan ties

In today's episode, we examine deteriorating ties between the European Union and its biggest trading partner, look at India’s COVID vaccination efforts as the country continues to register new infections in record numbers, and discuss the possibility of a Russia-Pakistan tie up to supply fuel to Islamabad.

India polls; US-China tech war; Myanmar coup

In today’s episode, we will discuss ongoing elections in four major states in India and how it may impact the country’s political dynamics at a time it is facing a fresh surge of Coronavirus cases, examine increasing trade tension between the USA and China after Washington blacklisted several Chinese supercomputing groups, and finally revisit the political situation in Myanmar as clashes between protestors and government authorities continue to escalate.

US budget; UK vaccination; Alibaba fine

In today’s episode, we look into US President Joe Biden’s budget proposal and what it means for the USA’s economic revival, examine Britain’s vaccination programme after the country’s health advisory committee suggested that the UK stop using its AstraZeneca vaccine for those aged below 30, and finally discuss what led to Alibaba’s $2.71 billion fine in China.

UK COVID update; Iran Nuclear Deal; Australia-New Zealand travel bubble

In today's episode, we will examine the COVID situation in the United Kingdom as the country plans to reopen its economy next week, look into developments for talks between Iran and the USA, and discuss Australia and New Zealand’s one-of-a-kind travel bubble.

South China Sea conflict; India COVID crisis; Russia-Ukraine conflict

In today's episode, we will examine hostilities between nations in and around the South China Sea, revisit the COVID situation in India which continues to register an alarmingly increasing number of COVID cases and finally discuss Russian military activity at the Ukraine border.  

Myanmar crackdown intensifies; Hong Kong security law; TSMC's expansion plan

In today's episode, we revisit the Myanmar coup as the country’s military government prepares to charge civilian leader and Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi under the colonial-era secrets act, examine the situation in Hong Kong which was further stripped of its autonomy and look at Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC’s plans to invest $100 billion over the next three years to increase its manufacturing capacity.

US $2 trillion infra aid; US-China trade; France lockdown

In today's episode, we will examine how US President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan can boost the country’s post-COVID recovery, look at why Boeing has urged USA to separate trade from political and human rights issues in China and discuss France’s new lockdown measures as it braces for a third Covid wave.

Iran-China partnership; Canada halts AstaZeneca vaccines; Air France bailout deal

In today's episode, we examine ties between Iran and China after the two countries signed a 25-year cooperation agreement. We will then discuss Canada’s decision to halt AstraZeneca vaccine roll-outs to those aged below 55, and finally look at the possibility of a government bailout for Air France.

World pandemic treaty; US sanction threat over digital tax; Brazil cabinet reshuffle

In today's episode, we look into the possibility of world leaders formulating an international pandemic treaty, examine US threats to impose trade sanctions on six countries over their digital tax policies, and discuss Brazil’s cabinet reshuffle.

South China Sea conflict; Bangladesh-India ties; Tigray crisis.

In today's episode, we discuss escalating tensions between China and neighbouring countries in and around the South China Sea, examine what led to violent protests in Bangladesh last week, and discuss the easing of tensions in the Tigray region in Ethiopia.

Western firms face backlash in China, Suez Canal losses; India vaccine rollout

In today's episode, we look into the increasing backlash against western companies in China over EU and USA’s decision to sanction the country over its alleged mistreatment of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, examine losses being incurred due to a surge container ship blocking the Suez canal, and revisit the worsening COVID situation in India.

Yemen conflict; Myanmar coup; N. Korea missile launch

In today's episode, we examine ongoing conflicts in Yemen and how it may affect peace talks being proposed by the USA, discuss the Myanmar coup in light of new western sanctions, and talk about North Korea’s latest missile tests.

AstraZeneca US trial; EU-Russia ties; Facebook's hate speech trouble

In today's episode, we discuss more setbacks for AstraZeneca as US health officials question the company’s vaccine trial results at a time it faces constant rebukes from the EU for production shortfalls, look at the 27-member blocs deteriorating relationship with Russia in light of Russian minister Sergei Lavrov’s comments stating that the country has no relationship with the EU, and explore a fresh lawsuit against Facebook in France over its hate speech policies.

USA immigration crisis; China-Taiwan ties; Warner-Tencent deal

In today's episode, we will examine increasing criticisms of USA's immigration policies under President Joe Biden, discuss the impact Taiwan’s #FreedomPineapple campaign can have on its relationship with Beijing, and look at an expanded multi-year strategic licensing agreement between Warner Music and Tencent.

EU-China ties; Germany Easter lockdown; UK travel law

In today's episode, we will examine the EU-China relationship in light of fresh sanctions against Beijing for its treatment of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, look at Germany’s new lockdown announcement as the country prepares for easter festivities and discuss a new UK law preventing citizens from travelling abroad.

Myanmar coup; Australia floods; North American railway merger

In today's episode, we will revisit the situation in coup-hit Myanmar, which saw its bloodiest violence in weeks of protest over the weekend. We will then discuss Australia’s evacuation plan as the country faces its worst deluge in over six decades and we will finally look into a $25 billion dollar deal that would connect USA, Mexico and Canada in a single railway network.

Germany overpays for face masks; China-US ties; Tanzania politics

In today's episode, we will look into reports about the German government overpaying for face masks earlier this year and examine its impact on the country’s ruling party- CDU’s image. We will then examine the future of China-US relationship in light of talks conducted between officials of the two countries last week, and we will finally discuss Tanzania’s new president Samia Suluhu Hasaan’s rise to power.

AstraZeneca vaccine side-effects; Britan's vaccine rollout; Global chip shortage

In today’s episode, we re-examine reports of the AstraZeneca vaccine causing possible blood clots, discuss Britain’s vaccination programme that is likely to see a slowdown in coming weeks and finally talk about Samsung’s warning of a “serious imbalance” in the semiconductor industry due to global chip shortages.

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